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Janet Rogers Leaves M&M FOR HER BEST ROLE YET

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In the beginning moments of an August 1987 work morning, I was preparing a pot of Mr. Coffee for his part of my day. I stood perplexed at the correct filling level, while listening to a strong lecture from my father about my improper way of making coffee.  Suddenly, a lady I had never seen nor met before came from behind and took the victimized coffee basket and pot of water from my hands.  The first words Janet Rogers ever said to me were, “Here, let me do this.”

This was Janet’s first morning at M & M. Three days later, my Father had her filling out checks and signing them.  I knew and he told me many times how much he trusted her.

In Janet’s initial time at M&M, she said “Goodbye” over many months while cancer pervaded her father. She would stay up all night with him at the hospital and come to work with no sleep, then leave at 5 to go back to the hospital and do it all over again.  Janet arrived each and every morning never with a complaint or excuse, but with enthusiasm, purpose and integrity.

Janet’s small daughter, Jennifer, would kick me during Christmas parties. Today, Jennifer has her own extraordinary daughters.  The stories of integrity and triumphs which spread throughout almost 30 years are too numerous to cover in one note.

With a combination of joy, reverence and sadness we announce Janet’s retirement from M & M.

From covering my mistakes so my Dad wouldn’t find out to covering my mistakes today, I will always remember Janet and pray her best days are in front of her and Terry, her husband.

Assuming Janet’s position is Christina Smith. Christina has worked closely with Janet for many years and is a great asset to M & M and our customers.

The best part of the free enterprise system occurs when you can accomplish anything worthwhile. Janet not only made tremendous accomplishments, but also continued to teach and amaze me every day.

We have been truly blessed to have known Janet as a part of our M & M family and we wish her the best as she embarks on her next life journey.

Glenn Morris, President & CEO


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