On September 2, 1943 my parents married. My dad was on leave from the Pacific Theater of the Navy, and my mom had just finished high school.

When they started their first business in 1963, they didn’t buy a steak from the grocer for over a year. My dad would leave home Sunday night and return on Friday night. While my dad was away at work, my mom worked hard raising our family. She sewed my dad’s suits and shined his shoes over the weekend and off he’d go again…

Sometimes he’d bring home money and sometimes he wouldn’t, but week to week, order by order, promise by fulfilled promise and customer by customer — they built a business. Over time, my dad built the business and eventually received accolades as a successful entrepreneur. Later in life he gave all of the credit back to my mom: “Never, never would have happened without her,” he repeatedly told our family.

M&M continues to grow, and like any successful growth it is the direct result of many extraordinary people.

The best way to tell you about my parents, the founders of M&M is this:

Would they be proud of M&M today? YES
But would they be far more proud of my family? YES
And for that, am I far more proud of them? Very much so…