M&M Industries Plans $42.7 Million Expansion

M&M Industries has plans to double down in the city as it expands its existing facility and starts another plant as the manufacturer tries to keep up with it’s growth.

“Our business has expanded a great deal,” said Glenn Morris, President and CEO.    M&M plans to expand it’s 316 Corporate Place location and build s second manufacturing plant at 1435 E. 14th Street in Highland Park, Chattanooga, TN.  M&M industries which has 220,000 square feet in Lookout Valley, plans to put up a 200,000 square foot warehouse there Morris said.

At East 14th Street, the company wants to conduct manufacturing and warehousing initially in 117,000 square feet of space in an existing facility it will own.

M&M Industries will invest nearly $3 million for renovation and about $24 million for machinery and equipment at the new site.  The addition will create more than 100 jobs and help in the revitalization of Highland Park.

M&M Industries 14th Street Plant - 42 Million Dollar Expansion