M&M Industries — Glenn Morris: Corporate Philanthropist

Rallying a Team

As president and CEO of M&M Industries, Inc., Glenn Morris has built upon the legacy of his entrepreneurial parents and their commitment to serve others. While the package and design manufacturing company expands to a second Chattanooga plant, Morris continues to foster the companywide philosophy of teamwork and giving back to help others.

M&M has been an official partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chattanooga (RMHC) for five years. The nonprofit’s mission is to keep families with sick children together as they receive, and often travel for, medical treatment. “RMHC is a place to go during an acutely emotionally and physically draining time,” Morris says. “We’re honored to partner with them and be a small part of their incredible purpose.”

Employees volunteer time in shifts at RMHC’s annual Autumn Children’s Festival and are encouraged to make monetary donations, which M&M matches dollar for dollar. “Our people are magnificent and seeing them grow from these experiences – I love that,” shares Morris. Each year M&M staff display pictures of previous festivals and recount memories during teambuilding meetings. “The stories our employees tell are heartwarming. We hear all the time, ‘I never knew we could make such a difference.’”

The company also encourages participation with other nonprofit organizations near and dear to employees. “We want everyone to volunteer for charitable causes, and we’re happy to allow or manage time away to do this,” says Morris, who is reviving a company newsletter to inspire employees to persue additional volunteer opportunities. The emphasis is two-fold. “When we get a chance to help other people out, it reminds us we have a lot more value than we thought we had,” he says. “And it’s great for the person we are serving because they might not otherwise get the help they need.”

There’s a sense of tradition in extending a corporate family’s vision to benefit a community family. “There’s no one more uniquely qualified to teach the next generation about having a passion for one another than the parent or role model that steps into that position,” Morris says. “The particular cause comes from individual passion, but the lesson of giving starts at home.”